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LPVST Tube Hi-Fi Preamplifier

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Replica of the historic circuit that made Lombardi Amplifications famous in the 60’s in the field of professional Hi-Fi with entirely tube circuitry.
The characteristic of a soft sound rich in harmonics, with generous and precise lows and a medium-high range with a velvety sound that is never tiring even with prolonged listening.
Very versatile fully valve machine to be integrated into any type of Hi-Fi system:

5 inputs: two of which are line inputs for CD, DVD and other players, two auxiliary inputs for signals from computers, phones or tablets and an entirely tube RIAA (phono) for the turntable.
3 outputs: two separate stereo line and one recording to drive even a complex listening system.

Point-to-Point circuit wired in the air: the result is excellent silence and better cooling of the components resulting in durability and prolonged reliability, especially if switched on for many hours.
Use of high quality components, optimal signal-to-noise ratio and linearity across the entire frequency spectrum.

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Lombardi Amplificazioni boasts decades of experience in sound amplification using Thermoionic Valves.

The continuing market demand for high quality all tube preamps are the basis of this project.

The main difficulty was that of interfacing the tube preamplifier stage with a low output impedance to an external amplifier stage both with tubes and above all with transistors which has an equally low input impedance.

This configuration results in signal loss and radically changes the sound response in a negative way.

To overcome this problem, a tube impedance matching stage has been developed which acts as an impedance separator and adapter, which keeps the sound characteristics unchanged with any type of amplifier connected.

To obtain a high output impedance from the adapter stage, it was decided to use the two triodes contained in a valve type ECC82 in CASCODE configuration where the output driving is obtained by controlling the anode voltage of the second triode through the cathode of the first triode by phase shifting piloting the grids.

In this way the output impedance is high and the signal is doubled while maintaining the sound characteristics unchanged.

The signal thus obtained has the optimal characteristics to drive an input stage of any type.

The frequency response given by an all tube preamplifier is very high and rich in harmonics which makes it ideal for driving new generation amplifiers (class DGH etc.) which have reduced frequency responses due to their configuration, restoring a natural warmth to the reproduced sound. .


All-tube multi-channel Hi-Fi preamplifier

preamp valves: n.4 x ECC83 and n.2 x ECC82


  • ch 1 – RIAA Phono (with ECC83 tubes) 2.5 mv (full tube)
  • ch 2 and 3 – line in CD, DVD 1.25 volt (full tube)
  • ch 4 and 5 – line in PCs, tablets, mobile phones 0.350 volts (full tube)

Inputs and outputs: unbalanced with gold-plated RCA connectors

Pair of selectors: 5 positions for inputs

Tone adjustment:

  • independent treble and bass volume
  • Output volumes

Bandwidth: +0 , -3dB -15Hz – 40KHz

SNR report: < 90dB

TDH: < 0.1%

ATTENTION – Product power supply:this product has been designed to be used in conjunction with our Lombardi tube amplifiers and then powered by them (purchase option WITHOUT POWER SUPPLY), for use with different equipment from other brands an external power supply is provided separately (purchase option WITH POWER SUPPLY)

External power supply (to be purchased separately purchase option WITH POWER SUPPLY):

  • dedicated cable with multipolar Amphenol connector
  • VDE power socket with fuse holder
  • 230v power supply
  • consumption 25w
  • power supply 240V anodic 80mA DC
  • 6.3V 3A AC power supply for filaments
  • 4-pole XLR connections: 1: + 300v dc 2: ground 3: 6V ac 4: 6V ac
  • power supply not necessary if controlled by a Lombardi Hi-Fi tube amplifier (made on request)
  • feeder dimensions [WidthxDepthxHeight] 15x15x9 cm
  • weight kg 1,86 kg

  • Hi-Fi audio system

….. under processing

Additional information

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 28 × 50 × 6 cm

Without Power Supply, With Power Supply


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