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The Lombardi LC8 is a professional guitar valve amplifier, class A-B, designed and built in Italy by the Lombardi Amplification with high quality components. The amp is made with two types of wood. The outside is made of Poplar, that makes it very lightweight and with a warm sound. The fixing panel of the loudspeakers is made of Fir so that the harmonic board can have the best timbre.

The Lombardi LC8 has great performances, clear and pure sound appreciated both by the greatest Italian and international musicians. The amplifier has two biconic loudspeaker 8″, perfect for the microphone on big stages.

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The new 2.0 model of the Valve Amplifier Lombardi LC8 has two new features

The woofer were updated with a ceramic biconic loudspeaker with neodymium magnets, that preserve the sound of the LC8 but considerably increase its efficiency.

The pre tube is assembled on a elasticized support that avoids the vibrations affecting the sound.

1 guitar channel

Bass and high volume control and sensibility control

Class AB valve preamplifier and amplifier

Adjustable output power with switch from 5 to 25W

Tubes amplifier:

  • amplifier: 2x EL84
  • pilot: 1x ECC82

Tubes pre-amplifier:

  • input and output: 1x ECC82 (clean) or 1x ECC83 (high gain)

2 biconic loudspeakers 8″

Power supply 220-110 V 50/60 Hz

Product made of wood covered with artificial leather (red or yellow)

1 leather handle

Support rubber feet

Loudspeaker protection

Dimensions cm [WxDxH] 48×22.5×43

Weight kg 12.5

  • Orange transport cover
  • Transport Flight case



Reboot of historical LC8 built in 1968:







Additional information

Weight 16 kg
Dimensions 55 × 30 × 50 cm


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