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The LCST6 is a stereo analogic active crossover, realised with low noise carefully selected components and assembled by hand. This makes the compressor accurate and clear in all the frequency spectrum, two qualities that are fundamental to process the signal perfectly in a multi-way system.

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The regulation of the frequency ranges can be selected by dip switch, the volume of each frequency range can be controlled thanks to the audio divider from minus infinity to +3 dB, the 4 ways mono or 3 ways stereo operating mode, the division in sub-bass, low, high and medium frequencies with a bandwidth 20 Hz to 20 KHz and the input of parallel channels or additional filters. All these controllers are on the front panel.

The input/ output volume and the compression threshold controllers of the audio optical limiter are inside the product, to avoid any calibration alteration. The input of the limiter is optional and is controlled by the switch on the front panel.

There are two different versions of the crossover. The LCST6 2lim has a stereo optoisolator limiter, that makes the crossover versatile, with a soft limitation, perfect for the protection of the systems and for the legal limits in public places. The LCST6 6lim has a stereo optoisolator limiter per way, so the limitation is efficient and divided for each tone.

Versatility, practicality, quality, efficiency.

Technical Description:


LCST 6 4 ways MONO 3 ways STEREO
Container 1 units rack 1 units rack
Cross frequency Adjustable with
Dip Switch
Adjustable with
Dip Switch
Intervention frequency Sub from 75 Hz to 200 Hz
High, medium and low
from 145 Hz 1100 Hz
Low and high from 145 Hz to 1100 Hz
Level of mitigation 12 dB/oct 12 dB/oct
Output volume controller Independent per output Independent per output
Inputs XLR m-f XLR f
Outputs 4 XLR m 4 XLR m
Power supply VDE VDE
Absorption 300 mA 300 mA
Suitable for output
Subwoofer range 75Hz-200Hz


Dimensions cm [WxDxH]  48x39x3.9
Weight kg 5.8


Crossover suitable for any king of loudspeakers, ideal with Lombardi Amplification’s loudspeakers.

Additional Information

Weight 5.8 kg

Dimensions  48x39x3.9 cm






Additional information

Weight 7 kg
Dimensions 65 × 50 × 25 cm


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