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The Lombardi LVR400 is an innovative modular system of cluster bass reflex loudspeakers designed and built entirely in Italy directly by Lombardi Amplificazioni with first choice components. The LVR400HP Amplified version mounts an IP65 power amp to be used even in case of rain.
The cabinet is made with three types of wood. The exterior is in poplar plywood which makes it very light and with a warm sound. The fixing panel of the loudspeakers is in Spruce, as the soundboard of the box must have excellent timbre. All the reinforcements are in Birch to give it strength.
The Lombardi LVR400 is made in 2 modules, Medium / High module and Low module. The modules interface with each other to reach a Linear spectrum at the highest levels.
The Mid / High module mounts an 8 “coaxial neodymium speaker with Kapton driver, while the Bass Moduo mounts an 8” neodymium speaker.

Ideal in any situation where sound fidelity is essential, it is used for service from small to large events or for installations in clubs and theaters.

The strong point of the loudspeaker system is the modularity from 1 to 8 units (combined between Medium / High and Low modules), all of which allows use in service or fixed installation of any size and capacity according to needs, thanks to this. to the extraordinary horizontal opening 70 ° vertical 70 ° which makes it unique in the sector.
The Lombardi LVR400HP loudspeakers are driven in mono-amplification by a 400 watt RMS into 8 ohm amplifier.
The strength of the product is its versatility, modularity, ease of use, light weight, very efficient and with the quality that distinguishes Lombardi Amplifications products. Really unbelievable.

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The Lombardi LVR400HP Amplified IP65 loudspeakers are driven in mono-amplification with a max 400W RMS amplifier on 8 Ohm. Despite being very compact, it is of high quality with an excellent power-to-size ratio, ideal both as a stand mount and as a modular Line Array acoustic diffuser creating horizontal clusters. Although they are powered speakers, they are IP65 and can be used in case of rain.
Each Amplified LVR400HP module can be connected to an 8 ohm passive speaker LVR400HP (Mid / High module) or LVR400BP (Bass module) which is controlled by the active module

The creation of two different modules while maintaining the same external cabinet allows the creation of Line Arrays composed of Medium / High and Low modules according to the acoustic needs

The speaker system is ideal in combination with the LS700P and LS1000P subwofer.

Mid / High Module – Amplified LVR400HP:

2-way bass reflex speaker system
woofer n ° 01 coaxial 200mm 8 “with compression horn and 1” kapton diaphragm
frequency of agreement 60 Hz
crossover filter embedded liabilities
cutoff frequency 1500 hz 12 dB/oct
mono-amp power:
– nominal 400w RMS

– max 500w RMS

nominal impedance 8 ohm mid / low frequencies, 16 ohm high frequencies
input and output connectors Speak-on © 4c
finishblack polyurea paint
amplifier class A / B with switching power supply
prepared for installation:
– Line Array with Hardware
– on a stand
– modular on upright with double recess for post (above and below)

handle rear for transport (accessory on request, necessary for Line Array hanging)
support rubber feet (accessory on request)
speaker protection metal grille with transparent phono sponge
dimensions cm [LxHxD] 36x35x24.7
weight kg 10

  • front stage / side / drum files amplification
  • amplified acoustic speaker
  • Line Array acoustic diffuser
  • cluster acoustic diffuser
  • cinema audio and video amplification system / surround system
  • music diffusion pub / club / squares / theater of all sizes
  • discos
  • live music / playback / speech

Manuale (in production)


Brochure (in production)

  • Flying Bar for Line Array
  • Line Array hardware
  • Ball Lock for Line array
  • Rear handle (required for Line Array)
  • Joint for joining double recessed stand (up to 3 modules one above the other)

Additional information

Weight 12 kg
Dimensions 40 × 40 × 30 cm


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