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The Bass Cabinet Lombardi LB5 is an innovative bass loudspeaker designed and built in Italy by the Lombardi Amplification with high quality components. The amp is made with three types of wood. The outside is made of Poplar plywood, that makes it very lightweight and with a warm sound. The fixing panel of the loudspeakers is made of Fir so that the harmonic board can have the best timbre. The support are made of Birch that gives them solidity.

The Bass Cabinet Lombardi LB5 has an hand-made Lombardi Custom biconic speaker 18″.

An original style with a little bit of our vintage elegance.

There are many other features that make this amplifier a new dream!
There it is the new Lombardi LB4 1×18″ BASS CABINET”

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The Bass Cabinet is coupled with the LB5 headboard. We gave a new look to the cabinet, smaller than the historic LB1 bass cabinet built in the 1960s.

Closed Back tuned to 80 Hz with 18 ” woofer Biconic Lombardi Custom with a different mix of woods to have an unbelievable sound quality and accuracy. The Woofer is the result of years of design and improvement of the speaker used previously. The new model has the Nomex suspension with a 75 coil. This allows the Bass Cabinet LB5 to support all the enormous power that the Hybrid LB5 head can give it.

Its head can be assembled individually, or in combination with a minimum of 2 pieces and a maximum of 4 pieces. Beyond belief !!

The Cabinet was born to be free to “play” thanks to the use of different types of wood, each with different sound characteristics, and thanks to the use of an almost 3 cm harmonic board, made of spruce, where there is the biconic woofer 18″. Moreover the cabinet is solid and compact …

These are the features that make the unique low case of its kind.

Technical Description:

Power 400W

Closed back

1 Custom Lombardi biconic speaker 18″

Product made with 3 types of wood, Poplar, Fir, Birch

Product covered with black artificial leather

2 leather handle tuned with 80 Hz

Horizontal and vertical support rubber feet

Loudspeaker protection

Dimensions cm [WxDxH] 71x44x56

Weight kg 29.7


Additional information

Weight 35 kg
Dimensions 85 × 60 × 70 cm


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