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AUDIO AMPLIFIER 2 CHANNELS LADUAL1400 – 1568 W per channel

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The Lombardi’s LADUAL1400 is a 2 channels fully analog audio stereo amplifiers, class AB. The amplifier was designed to be highly efficient and to maintain accurate audio performances in the whole bandwidth even under stress condition.
In the Lombardi LADUAL1400 there are 2 audio Amplifiers, 2 Crossover and 2 safeguard independent Optical Limiters for each channel. The high quality of its components, the switching transformer in class AB and the handmade production guarantee the highest standards of Lombardi’s made in Italy products.

The audio amplifier LADUAL1400 was tested to the limit (impedance less than 2 Ω) before it was placed on the market.

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Amplificatore Audio Analogico Stereo 2 canali in classe A-B con trasformatore toroidale.

1KHz, 0.001% THD+N8 Ohm Stereo per channel

8 Ohm per channel

4 Ohm per channel

2 Ohm per channel

Bridge 8 Ohm (use 2 channels)

Bridge 4 Ohm (use 2 channels)







Max output RMS per channel 1568w
Max peak output per channel 1800w
Audio Crossover – Electronic audio crossover that can be inserted individually in every channel(2 independent crossovers)
– 12 dB/oct. 3 cut-off frequencies selectable from the front panel
– Cut-off frequencies Low Pass: 113-145-3200 Hz (factory settings)
– Cut-off frequencies High Pass: 113-145-3200 Hz (factory settings)
– When the High Pass and the Low Pass are selected at the same time the result is a Band Pass with the chosen cut-off frequencies
– When no cut-off frequency is chosen the amplifier is linear
Limiter Optical limiter that can be inserted individually in every channel (2 independent limiter)
bridge – Insertable channel A+B (adjustable using channel A) and channel C+D (adjustable using channel C)
– Minimum applicable load 4 Ohm
– Speakon output connectors channel A: 1+ positive 2+ negative
Frequency response 10Hz – 50 KHz
Bandwidth 10Hz – 50 KHz
Protection mode – Forced ventilation with temperature sensor (1 fans 80mm)
– Thermal
– Output short circuit
THD+N  < 0,01% from 20 Hz to 20 KHz
dumping factor Greater than 500 from 20 Hz with 8 Ohm load
Input sensitivity and impedance .75 Volt at 50 KOhm
Input impedance (balanced/ unbalanced) >20 KOhm / >10 KOhm
Noise -100 dB
crosstalk < Noise from 20 Hz to 10 KHz
class AB
Input/output signal connectors each channel Input A: 01 XLR male (balanced)Output A: 01 XLR female (balanced)

Input B: 01 XLR male (balanced)

Input/ output power connectors each channel Output A: 01 SPEAKON female ( output A: 1+ 1- || BRIDGE AB: 1+ 2+ || output B: 2+ 2-)Output B: 01 SPEAKON female( output B: 1+ 1-)
Filter 20000uF+20000uF
Power supply 220 – 240 Volt
Absorption 10A maximum power (with all 2 channel in operation)
Ventilation 2 two-speed fans (thermal) forced with 80mm fans
Led indicators – front panel FILTER (each channel): filter 1 (113 hz) – filter 2 (145 uz) – filter 3 (3200 hz) pass (green) low pass (red)
SIGNAL: regular (green) saturation (red)
LIMITER: inserted (green) limiter intervention (red)
BRIDGE (only channel A ): inserted (yellow)
INPUT SELECTOR e LINK (signal): A – B and A+B each channel
Power supply switching transformer in class AB
Dimensions 2 unit RACK
Weight kg
dimensioni cm [LargxProfxAlt]

Audio amplifier for each type of loudspeaker, stable at 1,2 Ohm


manual (in progress)

Additional information

Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 65 × 50 × 25 cm


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