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The Lombardi LV250A is an amplified high quality loudspeaker, designed and built in Italy by the Lombardi Amplification with first choice components. The product is made with two types of wood. The outside is made of Poplar plywood, that makes it very lightweight and with a warm sound. The support are made of Birch that gives them solidity.
The Lombardi LV250A is a 2 way amplified loudspeaker designed with the bass reflex system, with a 8″ speaker and a horn tweeter with a polyamide membrane with ferrofluid from 1″ and a passive filter net.
Perfect for audio/video amplification and for fixed installation.



The amplified loudspeakers LV250A are an high quality product with the best power for dimensions, controlled by an amplifier 250W on 8 Ohm with a class A/B transistor. It is possible to connect another passive loudspeaker, 8 Ohm LV250 PB, to the amplifier. In this way the impedance is 4 Ohm and the power is 500W. The loudspeakers have a balanced XLR input and an input/output (bridged with input XLR) with a 6.3mm jack. Everything is controlled by the volume audio divider.

Perfect in combination with the sub LS500P, LS1000P.

Bass reflex system 2 ways

Woofer 200mm 8″

Driver 1″ horn tweeter with a polyamide membrane with ferrofluid

Tuning frequency 60Hz

Filter crossover passive incorporated

Cut frequency 5000hz

Rated power 250w RMS

Maximum power 300w

Impedance rated 8 ohm

Dimensions cm [WxDxH] 28×33.5×46

Weight kg 13

Amplifier section:

Transistor amplifier class A-B power 250 W RMS

Input section:

– XLR: Balanced Input Line 0dB

– JACK: Input/output bridget jack 6.3mm with XLR

– 1 AMPLIFIED speakon output (for 1 passive loudspeaker not less than 8 Ohm of rated impedence)

– VOLUME controller

Power supply VDE socket with incorporated fuse carrier

Ground link commutable on/off

Suitable for cluster installation

Transport handle integrated

Support feet rubber feet

Finish black Polyurea coating

Speakers Protection metal net

Additional information

Weight 16 kg
Dimensions 28 × 33.5 × 46 cm
  • Audio/video amplification system
  • Cinema / surround system
  • Front stage amplification / piano bar
  • Music for bar / pub / club / small squares
  • Nightclub satellite
  • Wall or ceiling with bracket cod: EUR03433


  • Assembly screw eye (3 per loudspeaker):