Service – Audio, Lights, Video

Lombardi Amplificazioni is a leading company in the field of audio, lighting and video services for all types of events. Over 60 years of activity which include the creation of dedicated and studied products, from the amplification of instruments to acoustic diffusion.

Audio system includes loudspeakers, subwoofers, live and stage mixers, audio consoles, crossovers, optical compressors, amplifiers. Everything is made within our company and designed directly from the engineering laboratory. Our sound engineers have absolute knowledge of the material, for optimal use of the system.

The Backline used is Lombardi production, tube and transistor as regards bass / guitar / organ amplification, we have batteries available (Ludwig vintage jazz 50s / Ludwig rock 70s / Sonor), vintage keyboards (Farfisa, etc. ..) Hammond organ.

Service and Rental

Service lights, audio, complete video
Live concerts, theatrical performances, conferences, meetings and conventions
Concert lighting services, service lights
Rental of sound systems for entertainment
Video systems rental for entertainment
Rental of lighting systems for shows
Installations of American structures for concerts, exhibitions and conferences
Service and Rental
We employ only and exclusively professional sound engineers, audio technicians and stage technicians who know how to relate to the customer to manage events of all sizes in the best possible way.